3 ways to celebrate the Covid-wali Diwali

Diwali is here. The awesome season of festivities and celebrations for which each one of us waits for. But this Diwali will be different. We all know the reasons and can’t do much about it. 

But will the Diwali spirit be defeated by the scare of Covid? The spirit will not die but safety is paramount. 


The human spirit is spectacular and fights back. We have this fighting soul inside us since eternity and we have defeated many such events and come out successful. The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday issued detailed guidelines for celebrations amid the coronavirus pandemic. Although the COVID-19 curve in India appears to be bending downwards, the ground situation is still delicate in several states.The ministry has also advised people residing in such areas to observe festivals inside their homes and not move out. Read the entire SOP here

We need to ensure all precautions are taken care of, we maintain social distance, wear masks, wash hands etc. With safety being most important, here are the top 3 ways to celebrate Diwali and other celebrations

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  1. Stay indoors with family, order hygienic food and sweets 

The best way to celebrate this festival is to stay indoors with your loved ones. Cherish this time and enjoy the company. Food is a very important part of the festivities. But is it safe to order food from outside? 


As per the World Health Organisation, here are some answers to the common questions. The link for the entire list of questions is here

Can I get COVID-19 from eating fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables?

There is currently no evidence that people can catch COVID-19 from food, including fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet and their consumption should be encouraged.


Can the virus that causes COVID-19 live on the surface of food packaging?

Coronaviruses need a live animal or human host to multiply and survive and cannot multiply on the surface of food packages. It is not necessary to disinfect food packaging materials, but hands should be properly washed after handling food packages and before eating


WHO has also issued guidelines for food businesses also. Most of the food delivery companies are following hygiene regulations and practices to ensure safety of customers

2. Book a villa and take entire family there 

Another significant trend is to take the entire family in a remote drive away location and have celebrations there. There are multiple hotels who are offering large discounts for larger bookings. The practices followed by the hotels such as Taj, Oberoi etc are strong and ensure safety of guests 


Another trend is to hire a villa and park the entire family there. The family orders food from outside and carries sweets along. Sweets are a must for Diwali and some selections like Almond Barfi, Laddoos, are fabulous choices which remain fresh and can be carried along 


Chiccee’s unique food grade packaging and selection of sweets are a great helpful manner in which sweets can be carried along. There is a wide range of hygienically prepared and high quality sweets available and booking is already open for Diwali. 

IMG_20200927_003234 (1)
Diwali virtual

3. Celebrate Virtual Diwali 

The annual Diwali celebrations in Northampton will be going virtual for its 20th year in November because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Northampton Diwali celebrations are a worldwide noteworthy event which is followed. 

The Festival of Lights will not be taking over the Market Square with a puppet-led parade, performances and lights switch-on ceremony for the first time since 1989. 


Here is how the 2019 celebrations looked like 

Technology comes to the rescue here and hence the virtual festival becomes a possibility.

Lastly, we wish the highest health with the festivities adding more zing and frollic to each of our lives.