Magic of Karah Prasad

As  a child ,I always looked forward to visiting the Gurudwara with my Sikh friends. Honestly, as a kid, the charm was less spiritual but more for that divine taste of Karah prasad, which each one would get after meeting Babaji

Like most prasads in every shrine, the karah prasad (which is basically a wheat based halwa) is heavenly. 

One can feel the taste of love and devotion in each bite of that prasad. After ardaas,when one  comes out of darbaar(main hall), the Sewadar serves everybody  a dollop of  hot aromatic karha prasad in our cupped hands. This Karah prasad is sooooo hot and  yumm, that as a child, we used to  go again and queue up to get another serving of it.

Gurudwara golden temple
Karah prasad being served with love

The Gurudwara Karah prasad is really special and slightly different from what we make as halwa at home.

Have you ever wondered what makes it like that?

Let’s dive in to know why it’s so delicious and difficult to satiate with just one serving

Its love all the way

Firstly it’s a prasad, so it is made with utmost love and is surely a food blessed by the Guru. The prasad is served from the same bowl to everyone and is shared out among all in equal proportions . It is a symbol of equality -showing that everyone is same and equal in God’s house. Prasad served with equality, devotion and blessings is truly special.

The ingredients matter

Secondly, the texture Of Kada Prasad is different from what we make at home-reason being it is made of wheat (Atta)instead of suji. Also the wheat flour that they use is more grainy and coarse. An especially milled wheat flour that is unrefined (not processed) is used to make halwa in Gurudwaras. There are multiple benefits of unrefined wheat flour

Also, a generous amount of good quality ghee is used in making Karah prasad  Using the right proportion of Ghee is very important for  the melt-in-mouth  halwa texture. It would turn out dry if an adequate amount of ghee is not used. Many households in India prepare ghee at home which is pure and unadulterated

aata, flour made from whole wheat

The method with patience pays off

Thirdly, Karah prasad is made by slow roasting. It is the key step in making a perfect  golden brown color halwa. Slow roasting  and a continuous stirring in a thick bottom huge pan ensures even browning. Also,the more it is slowly roasted, the better the flavor and color of the halwa. Apart from this slow roasting as a technique is claimed to have several health benefits. This process requires a lot of patience.It is rightly said that cooking is an art – patience is the star ingredient in cooking and also in life.

Gurudwara served karah prasad or halwa

Balance and proportion creates magic

Lastly it has the same amount of whole-wheat flour, clarified butter and sugar -the proportion is 1:1:1:3 ratio of wheat flour, ghee, sugar and water respectively. It is believed the proportion is kept same to emphasize the equality of men and women.

It is amazing how rich the Indian culture is, such that even a prasad has so many messages to give. It signifies equality of gender, no discrimination, patience and virtue. Such prasad not only heals the body but purifies the mind and soul as well 

May we continue feeding on the blessings and Karah prasad of Babaji, forever.