The awesome guilt-free dessert

Meetha hai par Protein se bhara

Laxmi ji ka favorite hai and Dada ka pyara

Is ke upar iSRO ki research going on

Children’s day pe hota ye full on

We all love it to the moon

Let’s see who guesses this soon !

Rasgulla or Roshogulla or Rasagulla is a soft, melt in mouth delicacy. The word ‘ras’ means juice and ‘gulla’ means sphere/ball. There are many interesting facts about this soft, syrupy sweet cheese balls. Let’s spill the beans:-

A sweet with a good nutritional value

Rasgulla is one of  the best desserts to have as it is not deep fried and is made with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Rasgullas are prepared from chenna/ cottage cheese when milk is curdled. Rasgullas are loaded with proteins (essential amino acids) , calcium and phosphorus which are necessary for  maintaining bone health and overall health. (Why amino acids are important for our body?) Chhena has a good amount of phosphorus which helps in digestion and maintaining a healthy gut. (Recipe to make Chhena at home) So when consumed as a snack in moderation,rasgulla is a healthy and guilt-free dessert.

Jagannath ji feeding Laxmi ji with Rasgulla to please her

Stories from Odisha

The people from Odisha believe that it’s their culinary invention which way back 700 years. There are many interesting stories behind it.  According to a very famous mythological story, once Lord Jagannath along with his brother and sister went on a nine-day Rath Yatra .Goddess Lakshmi (wife of Lord Jagannath ) got upset with her husband for not taking her along . She locked the entrance of the temple to not let her husband from entering it. To woo his upset wife, Lord Jagannath offered her rasgullas. Ever since then this ritual is performed and rasgulla is offered as a Prasad to the Goddess on the last day of Rath Yatra. The ritual is called Niladri Bije(last day of Rath yatra in Puri) Lord Jagganath’s return to Shree Mandir. Picture credit to Devdutt Patnaik

Stories from West Bengal

A Kolkata-based confectioner Nobin Chandra Das invented spongy white  rubbery Bengali rasgulla in the year 1868. He is known as the “Columbus of Rasgulla “.He never patented his recipe and trained many people preparing this recipe. His white Spongy Rasagola soon  became popular worldwide as a Bengali delicacy.There are many other anecdotes which tells that rasgulla existed in West Bengal .Read more here 

Inventor of Rasgulla, Columbus of Rasgulla
Odisha's brown Rasagola and Bengal's Roshogulla

Tug of war between West bengal and Odissha

For years,  there was a battle between West Bengal and Odisha for the GI tag ( to claim to the  origin of the Rasgulla – What is GI tag?). In 2017 West Bengal was granted GI tag for ‘Banglar Rosogulla’ for its white spongy rosogulla whereas in 2019 Odisha also got the GI tag for ‘Odisha Rasagola’ or the Odisha variant of rasagulla (brown and extremely soft).  A Geographical Indication (GI) tag identifies a product as originating from a particular region

Invention of vaccum canned Rasgulla

In 1930,KC Das son of Nobin Chandra Das,  created the vaccum canned rasgulla .The rasgullas were canned and exported to different countries  and thus gained popularity across the globe too.A lot of research is going on to prepare dehydrated canned rasgulla to be used as space food by ISRO.

Rasgulla Day : A Dedicated day for Rasgulla

It shares the space with the Children’s day and the birthday anniversary of Chacha Nehru

After getting GI by  both the states for their versions of rasgullas-these states celebrate Rasagola day.I n Odishha people celebrate  Rasagola Dibasa’ at the end of Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra and  in West Bengal , November 14  is dedicated to observe ‘Rosogolla Day’ 


Whether it’s Rasagulla or Roshogulla both are absolute delight to your taste buds and you won’t regret eating both.To get the authentic taste of Rasgulla or  the extended family members of the sweet syrupy dumpling (Rasmalai,chamcham,Kheer khadam/kheer mohan,Madan mohan or gulukand rasgulla) order fast at