Top 4 gifting trends to give your loved ones

Gifts are a token of love, a way of showing affection for the other person and who doesn’t like gifts? Thinking about a person when deciding a gift is the best gift you give to yourself. Whether is the gift for girlfriend, gift for anniversary of parents, or a gift for husband, the pleasure of gifting is so rewarding. Gifting is a tradition and any celebration is incomplete without it- be it  birthdays ,engagements ,marriages ,anniversaries ,house warming parties, promotions  or child birth etc.

We at Chicceealways keep a close eye on the latest trend and here is our insight of gift-giving for you to try out this year:-

Frame Newspaper

1.    Personalization or Customization

Personalized gifts or Customized gifts have become a popular choice these days. These thoughtful presents gives a personal touch –shows that sender has spent so much time and effort in picking that special gift for you to be cherished always. We have a variety of personalized gift items at Chiccee which will surely amuse your loved ones.

·          Singing T-Shirt– How about if the T –shirt you gift also has the song you dedicate. You just have to scan the QR code and the dedicated song will play every time-that’s how you gift and show love.

·      Your Personality T-Shirt– Wear your personality-Get the key aspects of your persona on your T-shirt .You can add –Name, profession, feelings, wishes, words that stir memories. You can customize it the way you want. 

·      Birthday newspaper wall frame– Customized and special Newspaper edition for You. An A4 size newspaper replica edition celebrating and announcing your birthday .This memory will be framed and you can put it on your wall and cherish this every day.

 There are many other gifting items available at Chiccee like fridge magnets with pictures and calendar, customized father’s day pack, birthday packs, customized personal care packages etc.

health pack

2.  Gifts for fitness freaks

Today a large number of people are conscious about their health and fitness has become an important part of their lives. Gifts that appeal to fitness freaks are glass/steal sippers, gym bags, fitness bands, wireless headphones, bath soaks, Gym equipment’s( like dumbbells set, resistance band, mat etc).Healthy snacks pack is also a very trendy gifting option for fitness lovers. This includes protein shakes, protein bars, dark chocolates, nuts and seeds, and other low calorie snacks. Check for healthy snack options.

3. Gifts for Plant lovers  

Some people just love collecting houseplants. There’s no better gift than gifting plants to your plant-obsessed loved ones. Gifting plants is the most eccentric and eco-friendly gift that one can give. There are many varieties available- With rising pollution, indoor plants make for perfect gifts. Money plant ,lucky bamboo plant, beautiful Lily plant, Peperomia plant, Rosegold plant, Snake plant, Jade plant and many others. These plants are not only air purifying, they also come in beautiful unique vases and with accessories. Terrariums are very popular these days. They make great gifts, providing sustainable, low maintenance, personalized option.  

Chiccee planter gifts Terrarium
Gifts for girls girlfriend wife Organic soap chemical free serum gift pack

4. Organic Skin care Products

Organic skin care products are made of natural ingredients.  More importantly, those organic ingredients are paraben and cruelty free. With that, you can be sure your skin and body absorb only real, natural ingredients that aren’t harmful. Check our organic skin care range on the website. Handmade and chemical free options at the click of a button is a pleasure all the way